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Moscow - is the capital and the biggest city of Russian Federation and as well in Europe. Population is a little bit more, then 10 million. It's also one of the most expensive city in the World. City is situated on the banks of Moskva-river. Kremlin and Red Square is the heart of Moscow, the most attractive place for tourists.
Moscow has a continental, humid climate with warm (sometimes hot) summer and long and cold winter.
Moscow has an underground (metro), 9 train stations (rail terminals), 5 airports (4 of them serving International flights), 2 passenger terminals (South River Terminal & North River Terminal) with regular routes and cruises along Moskva-River and Oka-River.
Best time to visit Russian capital would be May-June and September-October.

Pictures of Moscow:

Around The Red Square:

Red Square:
Red Square. Moscow
Kremlin. Moscow
Manege Square:
Manege Square. Moscow
Red Square - is the heart of Moscow:
Red Square. Moscow
The Moskva River & walls of Kremlin:
The Moskva River and Kremlin. Moscow

Walk along the Moskva river & main streets:

Luzhniki Stadium - biggest in Russia:
Luzhniki Stadium. Moscow
Moscow State University:
Moscow State University
The Moskva river:
The Moskva River
Moscow train stations:
Moscow rail terminals

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